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Какой иностранный язык Вы считаете наиболее значимым в наше время?
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"I shall not wash you one after the other as your mother does, I have no time for that."
 "What time do you get up in summer?" "When the sun comes to my window." "Isn't that very early?" "Oh, no, my room faces north."
Larry: I shall not go to school any more. Mother: But why, my dear?
 Larry: On Monday the teacher said 4 and 4 is 8. On Tuesday she said 7 and 1 is 8. Today she said 6 and 2 is 8. I shall not go back to school again till the teacher knows Arithmetic herself.
"How old are you, sonny?" asked an old man a little boy in the park. "Six," came a quick answer.
"Six," repeated the old man, "and yet you are not as tall as my umbrella." "And how old is your umbrella?" asked the boy.
 Harry: I think it's getting late. What does your watch say? В о b: Just what it always says 'tick, tock'.
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